Digital Marketing

Having a website is the most basic hygiene practices any brand must maintain right from its beginning.

Having a website:

  • Creates a professional identity in the online world.
  • Is basic ethics for any brand.
  • Helps interested customers to know more about your brand.
  • Has potential to convert website visits to sales.



Static Website :

Such websites are apt for brands that make conversions only when there’s an actual conversation between the potential client and the brand.

  • A HTML website consisting of a limited number of pages to give out information regarding the brand.
  • Such websites have fixed content and are not changed on a regular basis.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Panel is not provided since it requires coding to change elements in the website.

Dynamic Website with CMS:

  • For brands that frequently update themselves.
  • User-friendly Content Management System (CMS) with the liberty to change website content anytime.
  • Allows visitors to interact on the website.
  • Get statistics of website visitors and interactions at any point of time.

E-Commerce Website:

  • For brands willing to put up an online store and sell products.
  • User-friendly Content Management System (CMS) with the liberty to add/remove/edit products anytime.
  • Availability of visitor and sale statistics to analyse data.
  • Exciting features like payment gateway, mail subscriptions, chat box etc to increase user conveniency.

What if I want to upgrade and maintain my website?

It’s necessary to upgrade as time flows. We don’t just throw the website on your table, we also offer timely maintenance and website revamping services. Got an old website that you’d like to change? Bring it on.

  • Updation of new plug-ins
  • Renewal of content to give a fresh feel to visitors
  • Regular speed checks to ensure smooth functioning
  • Addition of new user-friendly features
  • Thorough security check to ensure safe payment gateways

Content Management System (CMS)

Companies with chunk loads of work prefer using CMS and are believed to be one of the growing means of work. Files, storage, programming and everything you run is through the web. Enjoy hassle free work by dumping it all on your application.

How beneficial is this?

  • Become efficient in managing your business with an integrated platforms that streamlines your work.
  • Gone will be those speed and memory issues
  • Secure all your data and forget the fear of losing it.
  • Easily accessible - anytime and anywhere!