Suvidha Stores

Suvidha Store initiated by the Police Department was previously named as ‘Police Department Employees Welfare Association’. It opened its doors to the general public after the beginning of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Suvidha Stores came to us a few weeks after they opened doors for the public. With no presence in social media at all, we began from the scratch by creating their pages and posting on platforms like Facebook & Instagram. 


  • Presence of a website.

  • Attractive discounts & offers.

  • Wide variety of products.


  • No social media presence.

  • No marketing 

  • No implementation of technical policies.

  • No offline visibility even in the locality.

  • Poor maintenance of online hygiene.

  • Lack of strategy.

How did Work Digitally Revamp the Situation?

We applied quite a few strategies to ensure the store is first of all known in the market. To stand out in this world full of competition, Suvidha’s main USP was better discounts when compared to many supermarkets. With this, we started sounding those trumpets of joy.

Objectives & Steps Taken: :

  • First create, then increase the brand’s visibility in the market.

  • Increase conversion rate on the website.

  • Initiated basic hygiene practices like writing bio, about us etc after creating pages on social media.

  • Guidance and setup of ‘Google My Business’ to increase search rate.

  • Setup & integration of pixels via plug-ins to integrate the website with Facebook Shopping.

  • Creation of specific campaigns respective to awareness, page like, conversions & traffic. 

The content buckets we initiated are:
      - Basic product posts.

  • Based on special days selected by the client.

  • Offer posts.

  • Creatives with wordplay on the brand name ‘Suvidha’.

  • Website posts.

  • Moment Marketing - Posts based on current affairs.

The content buckets change every month based on the statistics.

Digital Marketing

Facebook & Instagram Marketing::

Digital Marketing
  • Creation of Facebook & Instagram pages. Bio, about us, phone numbers etc were added. This is a practice of basic hygiene. 

  • Creation of various audience & ad sets to advertise the brand via Facebook.

  • After creation of audience sets, we charged towards our target of increasing website sales via social media. 

  • Daily analysis on the budget and results to make tweaks wherever necessary.

Digital Marketing


  • We were successful in achieving our targets as the website saw a good amount of traction.

  • Statistics showed good results in terms of website visits, sales, add to carts and other interactions which went through the adverts.

  • The brand has gained much name due to the adverts and this has increase footfalls to the physical store as well.