Digital Modes - Need of the Hour

Digital Marketing has been doing its rounds since years. But it’s evident that the pandemic has brought a boon to this sector and now every individual (not just a brand) seems to be choosing online modes after the occurrence of many limitations. 

Be it filing of returns, paying challans or bills, holding meetings, concerts, social gatherings and the most happening meet called ‘dating’ have moulded into their online forms. Life has changed drastically in these past few months when the curve could not be flattened. 

How do I BUILD my brand’s presence online?

It’s simple. All you require is some quirkiness. 

Quality Matters: Every day, there are thousands of new brands creating their own pages to start building their presence online but it is only the ones with genuine work and good quality that excel and get work. 

Plan out a Strategy: Going digital is absolutely the road one needs to take but one also needs to go in a strategic way. Creating social media accounts, advertising by just putting out a flyer is not where it ends with. 

Content is King!: The content of whatever you put must be eye-catching, relatable and something that speaks to the masses as something unique. The same comes with practices like SEO, where your website/page showing on the prominent search results wouldn’t make any sense if the content in it does not make the visitor do something. 


In this world where people assume doomsday to be nearing, we as marketers believe it wouldn’t take another pandemic for people to realise how important digital media is and slowly, traditional modes would lose their importance. Who wouldn’t like it when everything is available in one device?

Also, it is very important to listen to what the ‘bade log’ say:

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